Friday, July 22, 2011


Now I need to get these wire loops I made into the copper pipe I cut. I drilled two small holes in opposite sides to fit the wire WP_000106and I’m gonna put the wire through the hole and solder around it. First the tools that I use. I have a mini BenzOmatic, which is one of the best names for a blowtorch ever. I’ve also got solder, a third hands device and a metal pointer to spread around the solder if it gets out of control. Also, in the background I have Futurama playing, which is completely vital for the proper soldering method. Next up is to place things. I normaly hold the ring and the wire loop in the third handWP_000107. Now this’ll be hard to explain since soldering, holding the ring and taking a picture would require four hands, and I’ve only got three.

Anyway, here’s how I do it. First, light up the blowtorch, and gently apply heat to the wire hoop. Touch the solder to the inside of the ring till it starts to melt and let it flow around the wire. It may bead up and WP_000108not flow down, in that case heat the wire more, that should make it flow down the wire and seal it. You don’t need much, just enough to seal the hole and get some on the curl of wire on the outside. You’ll be sanding down the interitor anyway, so don’t waste the solder. After than, just let it cool, and you’re done! Easy as anything.


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