Monday, July 25, 2011

Green Fairy 3

Damn! Had some slight problems with the vials. First, one of them apparently had a hole in the bottom, and the resin leaked out. Problem two is that the others, for some reason, have little bubbles all floating inside of it. The first one I did was fine on that front, maybe I didn’t let the resin sit enough or something…But it still looks pretty good. Also, I got another order in, tiny little $(KGrHqR,!jIE3S,2d531BODSQuhUeQ~~0_3shields with a fleur-de-leis on it, so that may turn out well for something. Now just have to wait for the wings to arrive and get some acrylic paint. The oils look great on the metal, but it’s STILL not dry. I don’t know if it’ll ever dry, so we’ll see how the other paint looks. 

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