Thursday, July 21, 2011

Latest project

My latest project is another resin one, with some other clay and paint accents. I got a piece of copper pipe and cut it in a short length, then drilled a hole in the top, putting a coil of copper wire though it. Soldered it in there, and then sanded it smooth. WP_000096

Then I mixed up a little bit of resin and stirred in a tiny bit of green and blue oil paint. Didn’t mix it as well as I should have so you can still see specks in the resin. Next time, mix it up more. Also, when I poured in the resin, I put some, as the book I was going by said, “Sticky Tape” which always confused me. Is there another kind of non-sticky tape? Maybe slippery tape? Anywho, this did not work as you can see…WP_000098The tape make the normaly clear resin have a matte finish, which is not quite what I wanted. I’m gonna go out and get some celophane, see if that makes a good seal on the bottom of the ring. Hopefully it will, but dunno, may not be a good enough seal. I’ll only put a tiny amount in, and I’ll wait a while before dripping it in so it gets harder. Also need to make sure to get it totally smooth. We’ll see how it goes.

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