Friday, August 5, 2011

Gear Choker

New piece, a choker with some gears sewn into it, working well, but I’ve no real skill in sewing. It’s hard going, but it seems to be sticking to it pretty well. Just gotta practice!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Undersea Necklace 2

Think I finished this one, a simple necklace, but you don’t want to make everything huge and complicated. Added two keys to the side, and I think it look pretty good. Always gotta be careful about overdoing the bits and bobs, sometimes it looks good, but sometimes you want it to look a bit sleeker.


Undersea Necklace 1

This is what I’m going to be using those disc-resin filled things in. Not fully sure on how it’ll look, but I’ve got a bit of a Skelton of it. WP_000140I’m thinking of putting some keys on the side, I’ve also got some shells, but that may be overdoing it a bit. I like the octopus, but only have one of those sadly.


One quick piece I made, very simple but I think it looks pretty good. You need a hollow gear, and some thin wire and some beads. Then just wrap the wire around the outside of the gear, thread beads in there and there you go! Simple and nice looking. WP_000139